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My Side of the Bed

On the outside, I remained poised and collected.
Within, I searched for answers . . .

The signs were there. Her husband was distant. Angry. He withdrew if she so much as lightly brushed his shoulder. Still, nothing prepared Margherita Gale Harris for the day when Mark — a physician and Episcopal priest — confessed to having sexual encounters with hundreds of strangers. They both sought counseling, to no avail. Faced with his shocking betrayal, Gale wondered if their entire marriage was a lie. Could she forgive Mark for lying? Could she forgive herself for staying so long? More secrets were revealed. Divorce ended thirty-five years of marriage. Her lawyer said, see your bishop.

The road to recovery was treacherous and filled with surprises. Support came from numerous individuals: new friends and former classmates . . . and the daughter she’d placed for adoption many years ago.

About Margherita Gale Harris

In her work as a memoirist, Margherita Gale Harris draws on her career as a Registered Nurse, specializing in Psychiatric Nursing and Public Health. Following a B.A. in psychology from the University of California at Berkeley, she received a B.S. in Nursing with a Public Health emphasis from the University at San Francisco Medical Center. Gale alternated her continuing education with positions at private and public hospitals, as well as non-profit organizations, including Planned Parenthood, Suicide Prevention, Parents under Stress and Women in Recovery. While practicing her profession, she obtained a M.S. in Psychiatric Nursing, with a minor in Teaching at Case Western Reserve University, a M.P.H. in Public Health from the University of California at Berkeley, and training at the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland.

Gale is the mother of three and grandmother of six. She continues to pursue her love of natural color and design.  Gale is an accomplished photographer and fabric weaver. She happily remarried in 2007.